Global Warming Exists

Context (Historical Background)

One of the biggest issues of today is whether Global Warming exists. Many people are not informed of the possible effects global warming has and that we play a huge role in the climate temperature rise. For the past decade the earths surface temperature has been dramatically increasing and scientists are debating if we are to blame. Since the beginning of industrialization we have been emitting toxic air into the atmosphere. The Greenhouse Effect is the process of the earths atmosphere absorbing and releasing gases. The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation release the most Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the problem is; our world is absorbing more CO2 than what is being released outside the atmosphere causing the rise in temperature. Scientists are well aware that the temperature is increasing what the question is and what the media fails to inform us is that we are the leading contributors to the problem. In recent studies show the increase of the earths surface temperature has increased within the past 14 years.


The burning of fossil fuels such as oil,coal and natural gas are the resources in which our society is depended on from our way of living. Unfortunately this dependence comes with serious consequences to the future, putting future generations at risk. If we continue to burn fossil fuels and cut down trees the amount of CO2 will increase the temperature dramatically. One of the major effects of the increase of climate temperature is that the polar ice caps are melting, especially in the north pole. The ice caps are now diminishing in a record breaking rate causing the mass amounts of ice that have been frozen for millions of years to melt into the ocean rapidly. To break down the seriousness of the ice caps melting is that it will cause the water levels to rise. This will cause the lower coastal regions to become underwater, animals in the arctic regions will have no place to live, people who live on top of the permafrost will have to evacuate because the ice are melting and most of all people in major cities will have to evacuate. India, Shanghai, Florida, New York, are some of the major cities that will go underwater forcing millions of people to abandon their homes. Stated by the UN (United Nations) Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), "Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh—plus as many as 3,000 other cities worldwide—might soon face severe floods caused by global warming and a rise in sea levels. Urban growth and an increasing slum population have seen housing spread in unsafe areas, and many districts are ill-prepared for natural disasters. Global warmth threatens to kill off many species, induce worse weather disasters, and influence catastrophic consequences for poorer nations." (OCHA)
Also the melting of the ice caps will cause the freshwater from the glaciers to run into the ocean, putting millions of people without water. Another aspect associated with the Greenhouse Effect and the temperatures rising is the water temperature rising. The warmer the water causes for stronger hurricanes, hurricanes have occurred where scientists have never thought could. As researcher Theresa Braine who wrote the article Natural Disasters are on the Rise supports that we do have an affect in the climate change wrote,"Disasters have increased, due to routine and man-made climate change, and are heavily influenced by socioeconomic factors. Since the world population has increased steadily, more and more people, and especially the poor, are effected by natural disasters. While disasters have always been part of the human experience, climate change clearly influences the frequency of droughts and storms. Countries need to step up their disaster preparedness and education if future disasters are to be avoided." The warmer climate also puts ecological environments in danger such as polar bears and penguins who live on the ice have no where to live. The fact is we are the cause to this unfortunate event and we are the only solution.




The events are sure to happen if we do not take action the first step is to make people around the world aware of Global Warming and that we are the catalysts to the chain reaction to the rising climate change. United States gas house emissions alone contribute 30% that is more than the other countries in the world. This is partly due to the fact that we are the worlds top leading industrialization country, If we chose to take steps to change this contribution we can give our future generations a chance. The burning of fossil fuels could be replaced with renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind. Scientists are developing efficient ways of electricity use, transportation efficiency and a introducing a new concept of CCS & Supply Efficiency. We can also support congressman who are advocating to change the way we live to help stop global warming like Al Gore who made the movie, Inconvienient Truth to help address the issue.
We can become aware by visiting sites such as to become informed and learn about ways we can help.