Immigration: Dream Act

Immigration is set in our country and is harshly criticized by people who are against it. The people who do not support it do not realize the affects it has towards students who want to become something in this world. The Dream Act has many outcomes and it could change people’s living styles and the way the word “Immigration” is brought to our minds. Coming to the United States to learn and only getting through high school is not enough
education to receive for wanting to follow your dreams. Knowing that being an “Illegal alien” would not get you into college is one of the most depressing words you could possibly hear because there is not much that can be done about it. Many students, who are illegal immigrants, graduate with a high grade point average do not make it to college. This has to do with a slight portion of the suicidal population in the United States. Immigration is not just about “people stealing other people’s job” or “being too overly populated” but what people do not see is that the people who come to America are trying their best to work hard to pay for their children’s education. Without the Dream Act, this could not happen and loosing good education stats will soon decrease.


The Dream Act is a life changer that people do not see and are not concern about. The Dream Act keeps students motivated about their learning styles and encourages them to go to college and not drop out of high school. Each year, approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school, many at the top of their classes, but cannot go to college, join the military, work, or otherwise pursue their dreams. The big percentages of student immigrants were brought to the United States to pursue their dreams and the majority cannot accomplish that due to their immigration status. It is not right for the president or the government to not pass this law because the majority of students are trying to become something in life, something that their parents could not due to money issues and they should not be punished due to this matter. The dream act was an opportunity for immigrant students to be able to get a green card if they graduate high school, which to a immigrant family, is a huge deal. People see this as a punishment because parents come here and “take their jobs” when really they are like any other person trying to make a living and support a family.The negative side effects of being illegal should not be a punishment for young children who come to America.

Student takes his life:

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  • Jesus, I’ve realized that I have no chance of becoming a Civil Engineer the way I’ve always dreamed of here…So I’m planning on going to you and helping you construct the new temple in heaven.
- Joaquin Luna

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Joaquin L

una was an 18 year old student with a great amount of hopes and dreams. He was a high school graduate with very good grades. He wanted to become an engineer; in fact, he would build things around his house as a young boy. What was the problem you say? He was an immigrant. He had low standards in making it to college. His depression for the dream act kept rising as it came closer to graduation. Luna was intelligent and was the first one in the family to graduate high school. Knowing that he cannot pursue his dreams in becoming an engineer, he shot himself the day after thanksgiving because he felt hopeless in life. His family had no idea of this matter and this is very shocking because this was a recent situation that just occurred in early December of 2011. The Dream Act was a huge deal to this family, as it is to others. What people do not see is the outcome if this is passed. The majority of people feel like it is not right for them to go to college because they should be punished for their parents for coming to the United States illegally, but they do not see the future that these students hold in their hands. They do not see that something like this Act keeps them going throughout the day, keeps them motivated knowing that they can change their families living structures. This act is a life saver can should most definitely be passed and be giving the opportunity to let these students prove those people wrong


The Dream act is a law set to help students achieve their goal and become something in this world by giving them the opportunity to get a green card and giving them the option to either go to college or fight in the army for our country. This law is the reason for new ideas in this world. People throughout the world come to the United States to learn and, in some cases, be the first ones to graduate in the family. What would this world be without new ideas and new faces each and every day eager to learn and show the world their creative thoughts? It would not be anything without the dream act. It could save a life, become a reward, and perform new task that even the president or government could not possibly think of. People need to stop being selfish and let these students get the opportunity to achieve their dreams because they too are human.

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