Illegal Abortions

Background Information:

when an abortion is performed, there are two different procedures that can take place. One is medical, the other is surgical. A medical abortion is usually performed when women physically cant develop and maintain the fetus growing progressively for the entire 40 weeks. A medical procedure takes place with in the first trimester. A Surgical abortion can be performed by all of the following procedures: Suction Aspiration, Dialation and curettage, Dialation and Evacuation, Induction Abortion, and lastly Dialation and extraction. The basic concept involved in a surgical abortion is extracting the fetus, as well as the placenta from the woman's uterus. This procedure is performed

Risks Involved:

Abortions should be performed before or around twelve weeks. A doctor can't reject or refuse to perform an abortion. After 12 weeks the health risks involved keep increasing. After 24 weeks the mother as well as the baby are at risk. Possible risks include damage to the womb (or cervix), emotional or psychological distress, excessive bleeding, and infection of the fallopian tubes.

this picture above, shows the abortion process of a 23 week old fetus!



Illegal abortions are a nation-wide issue. Women’s Medical Society, an office owned by Gosnell (a family practioner) was discovered aborted fetuses not only in bags but all throughout the building. Gosnell (never certified as an OB/GYN) is being accused of re-using unsanitary instruments and performing procedures in un-sanitary rooms. Over the thirty years the estimation is in the hundreds of the illegal abortions Gosnell has performed. (because of the time that has gone by with out Gosnell being discovered doing these illegal acts, these charges aren't being counted against him. With abortion being legal, there isnt much any one can do but, there is an amendment in Mississippi that was trying to be passed, banning all abortions, with no exceptions for rape, incest or saving the mother’s life. The amendment defined “persons” as “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.” The amendment was rejected by 58% of the voters. Voters in Mississippi turned away what would have outlawed all abortions. In recent studys there was a doubtful question being: Do pro-life states really have fewer abortions? The problem with this is states like Flordia and Louisiana refuse to report their abortion statistics, leaving the questions unanswered. An constant issue involved with illegal abortions are the reasons behind why doctors are being prosecuted under abortion laws and not woman. Women have the right to have abortions (it is not illegal), and in many cases doctors decieve women.

-The video at the top, shows multiple women that are "Pro-Choice". They believe that they should be able to make their own decision in deciding whether they want to have a child or not.
-The video on the bottom is a video trying to reach out to the public; Basically saying, "your mother wouldnt do this to you so why would you do this to your own child."


it is important for one to be well-informed of the decision one makes when walking into an abortion clinic. People will perform abortions although they are not licensed and this is a very serious matter. There have been instances where a fetus has been pulled out with a beating heart and even then the unlicensed doctor continues to destroy and pull apart the fetus untill it's heart is no longer beating. If something were to go wrong during the procedure, the doctor will not be the only one who would be held accountable, you would to. In my opinion, unless you are a woman and unless you have been put in a situation where you are making the decision whether or not to go through with an abortion you cant really understand it one hundred percent. The group of people who come across illegal abortions are the lower class, and young adolescnets. The lower class dont have sufficient funds for an abortion much less the life commitment of providing for a child. Young adolescents are sometimes to afraid to come out to parents and let them know there with child, and also can't provide for a child. These situation lead them to finding in-expensive, un-licensed doctors that have performed several procedures. Because abortion is legal, there isnt much any can do to put an end to abortion. That doesn't mean keep silent. People have strong opinions and should keep fighting for what they believe in. A fetus can't voice there opinion and the only ones who can fight for them and give them a voice are those in favor of Pro-Life.
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