Goals for Completing English 1301:
1) Finish writing short research text with four reputable sources. Include a works cited and make sure you accurately quote/reference your sources. To work on the works cited, you can use Purdue's Owl Lab.
2) Place your final text on your wikispace once it is complete and edited.
3) Add links to your sources. If that is not possible because copies of the text do not exist online, then make sure you have an accurate MLA citation.
4) Add images and video to make the wikispace more interactive.
5) Finish by December 14.

Guide to Wikispace:

To add a link.
1) Go to your specific wikispace page.
2) Click on edit (TOP RIGHT)
3) Then Highlight the text you want to link to an outside website and clink “link” (TOP)
4) A window will 'pop-up'. Click the external link tab
5) Add the web address of the link (you can cut and paste this).
6) Click on “new window” and save link.
7) Then Remember to click “save” on your wikispace page (TOP) or else you will lose your work.

To add an image.
1) Find the image you want and download it to your desktop (or someplace you can remember) by right clicking “Save picture as” and saving the file.
2) To add that image to your wikispace, go to your specific wikispace page and click “edit”.
3) Then click “file.”
4) A window will pop up and then you can click “upload file” and another window will pop up and you can browse for the image you want. Clock "Open"
5) The image should show up as a thumbnail. Click on it and it will go into your wikispace page.
6) Here you can resize it, move it left right or center, or add a caption. Remember to click “save” (TOP) or else you will lose your work.
The Library is Your Friend.

To add a video.
1) Go to the video page where you video is (i.e. YouTube)
2) Once you are on the page of the video you want to use, click “share” beneath the video
3) Then click “embed” and copy the text in the box the shows up beneath the imbed button.
4) Once you have that text, go to your wikispace page.
5) Click “edit”
6) Then click “Widget”.
7) You should see a link to “video”, click it, click on the proper video site logo (i.e. YouTube)
8) Then paste the "embed" text in the box that pops up. Hit save and remember to save on the page itself.